Travel And Tourism Foundation Course

Syllabus Of 1 Year Travel And Tourism Foundation Course

This 1 year Tourism course is for those people who are intrested to make career in travel industry. In this Travel And Tourism Course our Travel Academy provide some basic and some advance lavel training and 6 month internship in a live company and much more.
Some key features of this tourism course are listed below-

Communication Skill (Listening, Public speaking & Presentation)
Strength & Weakness
Self understanding

Travel & Tourism

1. World Geography: Key International Destinations, their tour packages
2. Itinerary making/ Customizing tour packages/ Hotels and flight booking
3. Online Reservation Systems, Holding and Booking Hotels/Bus/Train/Flights/Sightseeing, etc.
4. Passport, visa documents, and process handling.
5. Role of Tour Manager and Responsibilities.
6. Types of Tours: Leisure, business, adventure, medical tours, etc.

Detailed knowledge on Domestic, Inbound and Outbound Tourism. 1. Domestic / Inbound Destinations- Brief Knowledge of domestic destinations Kerala, Himachal, Andaman, Goa, North East, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Gujrat, etc. 2. International Destinations- Brief knowledge about international destination i.e. Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai, Europe, etc.

1. Information about Gds / Amadeus
2. Know about flight segments & basic coding
3. Check flight availability
4. Enter Name elements
5. Creating a PNR, Modify & Splitting PNR
6. PNR & Itinerary Printing
7. Ticketing arrangement
8. Fare quote and Itinerary Option
9. Special Service requests
10.Issuing Tickets, Cancellation, and Rescheduling
11.Hotel list Display and Availability
12.Car list display and Availability

Here Experts will guide you and train you with Long Haul destinations,
Learn about Europe, Australia, New Zealand South Africa, and etc

Trainers will attend several seminars by the Industry Experts with an experience of more than 4 years. and seminars by the head of the tourism boards so that our students get insight knowledge. These seminars provide our students with several learnings like- improving communication skills, gaining experts' knowledge and networking with the various industry experts with motivation & confidence.

In this internship, we will guide you with the options where you can opt for internship or on-job training in travel and tourism in a company, where you will work on an on-job training.

Our major aim of providing trips is to let our students get real-world experience and it allows our students to learn new things outside the classroom in a fun and real environment. The student gets to see things practically what they studied before. This facilitates their learning process and helps them be keen to know and learn more about travel and their travel and tourism course.

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